GTC Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2015

November 3 2015, by Pete Borden

24 students from the Milford High School Manufacturing Program visited us at GTC on October 20, 2015. The 2 hour tour provided the students with answers to the question: “what goes on behind closed doors?” And, as they found out, in the case of General Tool Company, the answer is PLENTY.
First, the group heard from “under 30” GTC employees discuss Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Engineering and Machine operations. Next, the students saw a demo of the 5 axis Cloos Robotic Welder, 5 axis machines making a variety of parts, US Navy Destroyer Power Generation Units powered by turbine engines, Jet Engine Parts, and finally an 80,000 PSI Water Jet machine cutting out “Milford Eagles” for takeaways.
The instructor, Peter Leeper, added: “Wow, what a terrific day for us! Thanks so much to you and your crew who took the time to show our kids how cool manufacturing is. Kids are still trying to figure out where they fit and to have a good day like that in their memory will likely be influential. Lunchtime was filled with talk about careers and the neat things they just saw. All our best to General Tool!!”

COVID-19 Update

General Tool Company is operating normally at this time despite the increase in Covid-19 cases in the area. The safety and well-being of the GTC team members and their families continues to be our highest priority. We respectfully request that visitors be limited to only those essential for business conduct. All essential visitors must be pre-approved, screened upon arrival and are required to use appropriate PPE.