Airlines will need 35,000 new airplanes and sets of engines in the next 20 years! General Tool has been an important industry player since 1947, when our neighboring GE factory began to manufacture turbine engines. Today, we continue to provide new hardware systems for the Leap, 9 X platforms and new engine development.

Typically, a large percentage of our annual business is for aerospace components and consists of Liners, Split Cases, Test Rigs and Pylons. We’ve manufactured Composite structures for 20 years and have high speed, high torque and horsepower machines for small to large envelope parts made from all high temperature alloys.

General Tool has also produced Space Hardware, having provided thin walled satellite components and our own Accu-Stir machines (TM). These use our patented processes to perform welding on Fuel Tanks for the NASA Space Shuttle and recently for SpaceX launch vehicles.

Aerospace work requires the highest level of technical competence and is a focus for all levels of our organization. Aerospace hardware is one of our core competencies.