Today, General Tool Company is an important supplier to our nation’s most important Defense Programs. This market segment represents the largest segment of our business. General Tool manufactures a wide variety of parts for Tier 1 Defense firms using all of our capabilities of engineering, fabrication, machining, assembly and test. These parts require the highest levels of Project Management and Quality Certifications.The General Tool team is proud of its role in protecting the American warfighter around the globe.

Destroyer Generator Sets

General Tool Company delivers three auxiliary generators for every DDG 51 Navy Destroyer made in the USA. These 3-4 MW Generator sets have thousands of parts that are made or procured by GTC. These complex systems have been “turn-keyed” for over 30 years. We make or procure over 2000 parts for these units. The entire product is made here in Cincinnati and includes a runoff/ test cell with load banks. Notably, GTC has never missed an in yard delivery date for these systems. When the USS Cole was bombed in 2000 in Yemen, our generators kept the pumps going and the Cole afloat. The Burke and Zumwalt Destroyers also feature Radar Towers, Ammunition hoists, and missile launchers made by the General Tool craftsmen and women.

Aircraft Carriers

On the new Ford Class Aircraft Carriers, we supply EMALS and AAG harware systems. The Electro-Magnetic Launch System is a revolutionary technology that increases the number of sorties per hour and allows for smoother launches for aircraft of different sizes and weights over the older steam catapults.

Similarly, the Advanced Arresting Gear improves the landing for aircraft and regenerates power back into the ship’s electrical grid. Rod Control Electrical Cabinets are a new product in production now. These are made from heavy duty weldments with exacting tolerances. Radar and Sonar systems have also been supplied in a variety of sizes and configurations.


The most important component of the Nuclear Triad is our Navy’s  Nuclear Submarines. The Virginia class is undergoing several modernizations for the Block III, IV and V updates which add new capabilities. GTC is proud that our team has the welding skills and certs to meet the requirements for this ship.

The new Columbia Class nuclear submarines have begun their 20 year production cycle. This Columbia class will replace the Ohio Class “boomers” and will be in service for the next 6 decades. The General Tool Team has provided Torpedoes, Tanks and Missile Tube components and is growing our company further to meet the needs of our country’s pre-eminent defense program.


The Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is our country’s newest generation fighter. The plane has Stealth Characteristics from using new materials such as CFRP (Carbon Fiber Resin Plastics) composites. The Stovall version of the craft has vertical take off and landing capabilities as well. General Tool Company has been a leader in machining composites (see articles in Modern Machine Shop) because of our advanced 5 Axis machines and specially developed diamond tooling that eliminates any galling or delamination of these very light but durable materials.

COVID-19 Update

General Tool Company has not been impacted by the Covid-19 virus outbreak and is operating normally at this time. We are continuing to take steps to protect our employees and visitors. On-site visits are restricted to essential business only. Note that all visitors must be pre-approved by GTC personnel and will be screened on arrival.