Integration & Assembly

Our assemblers manage projects from one-offs to medium volumes. Our 30,000 sq. ft. high bay assembly area has 40 ton crane capacity with 28′ under the hook. This area always contains a variety of work: from engine test pylons, to complete power generation systems. We’ve completed over 250 these units on which we provide design engineering assistance, procure and manufacture over 2000 part numbers; and then perform final assembly and test in our in house test cell. Our assembly and integration services includes the inspection, testing of your project and 2 paint booths(one new in 2017.) We have performed assembly projects for many Fortune 500 manufacturing and technology OEM’s.

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  • Integration Experience
    • 3-5 MW Generator Systems
    • Multi-color Printing Presses
    • Special Cleaning and Painting operations
    • Machine Tool Assembly Systems
    • Friction Stir Welders
    • Paper Converting Lines
    • Jet Engine Test Rig Equipment
    • Nuclear Reactor Repair Equipment
  • Special Capabilities
    • Insert: Keenserts, Heli-coils, Rivets (cherry, pop, solid, blind)
    • Torque Capacity: up to 3200 lbs. for fasteners
    • Install: Taper, Roll and Dowel Pins
    • Install: Spherical Bearing by Swaging
    • Install: Bushings, shafts, bearings using heat or Liquid Nitrogen
    • Pressure Test: Hydro and Hydraulic to 10,000 lbs., Inert Gas up to 3000lbs.
    • Spray Paint: Cup, Pressure pot HVLP, airless High Solids, epoxies, enamels, urethanes, and water borne
    • Part Marking: Using Control Dot Peen
    • Load Testing
    • Crane Capacities: Two 20 ton cranes that can be used in tandem

COVID-19 Update

General Tool Company has not been impacted by the Covid-19 virus outbreak and is operating normally at this time. We are continuing to take steps to protect our employees and visitors. On-site visits are restricted to essential business only. Note that all visitors must be pre-approved by GTC personnel and will be screened on arrival.