We are hiring. General Tool Company’s strongest competitive advantage is our people.


Join Our Team

Every day, GTC employees work on and contribute to our country’s most important manufacturing projects. We are looking for people who care about what they do and how they do it. We seek the right aptitude as well as the right attitude. Although GTC is recognized as one of the best-equipped contract manufacturers in the country, our people are our strongest competitive advantage.

We believe that the rewarding work environment and a strong ”company culture” at GTC are the reasons we attract and retain a workforce of the highest caliber. Our team is experienced. The average employee tenure is 10 years. Our team is youthful. Twenty percent of our employees are under the age of 35. Ten percent of our employees are veterans of military service.

Whether you have years of professional experience in manufacturing or yearn for the opportunity to attain top-notch professional development, please consider a career that that supports GTC’s purpose and mission. You can apply on our Careers Center online portal.

Compensation and Benefits

GTC values its employees. In addition to pay, the company offers a comprehensive package of benefit programs designed to provide support throughout all stages of an employee’s career.

The GTC Personality

Brands such as Harley Davidson, Nike or Coca-Cola are instantly recognized for the products they represent. These brand names also convey a specific character or a kind of personality that evokes a positive response.

In the world of technology and manufacturing, GTC also has a recognizable, well-respected “brand personality.” To those who know us, GTC stands for technical excellence, dependable service, being easy to do business with (ETDBW) and ethical behavior.

What Employees Are Saying

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