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Precision Machining

Few Companies have our Capabilities & Experience

Few companies have the number or variety of machine tools capable of handling large and heavy workpieces that GTC has on its shop floor. The many different configurations of these machines, especially those for multi-axis work, enable us to select the type that will produce the best results, including parts in which volumetric accuracy is a challenge. The inherent flexibility of the machines also helps avoid production bottlenecks, an especially critical advantage when prototypes or first articles require a fast turnaround. Note that GTC specializes in hard-to-cut materials and superalloys such Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium, stainless and CFRP composites.

Five-Axis Machining

GTC is renowned for its expertise in five-axis machining, a capability that enables vertical or horizontal machining centers to produce a smooth, contoured surface. This is especially advantageous for aerospace work in which machined surfaces follow the aerodynamic aircraft shapes or to produce precisely angled holes on complex surfaces.

Three-Axis and Four-Axis Vertical and Horizontal Machining

GTC is equipped with numerous three and four-axis vertical machining and horizontal machining centers. These machines include tilting table and universal spindle configurations. Most have pallet changers, high-power and/or high-speed spindle motors, as well as touch probes for in-process inspection of parts and cutting tools. Our largest milling machines are gantry and floor types that have rotary tables and right-angle heads to minimize setups.

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