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GTC Celebrates 75 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

August 19 2022, by Pete Borden

General Tool Company is one of the leading precision metalworking manufacturing firms in the Midwest. This third-generation, family-owned company continues to earn its reputation every day by supplying “Mission Critical” systems to the world’s leading Defense and Aerospace companies.

GTC was founded by William J. Kramer, Sr. to support the Cincinnati area manufacturing industry. Mr. Kramer received his apprenticeship certificate for machining at the age of 19; and, eventually, became the “Metal Trades” instructor at St. Bernard High School. He became a leading advocate of vocational training in the city and in various national metalworking trade associations as well. To gain practical experience, students made parts for local companies such as Procter and Gamble. With encouragement from his contacts at the larger manufacturing companies, Bill started his own machine shop in 1947 with 6 employees in a 5000 square foot building in the suburb of Reading, Ohio. General Tool Company is still in the same location, but the company has grown to 275 team members occupying 5 buildings that total 300,000 square feet.

From industrial equipment to space exploration, General Tool has manufactured a wide array of components and systems for a diverse customer base over the past seven and a half decades. Today, the work on the factory floor includes prototype aircraft engine hardware, carbon fiber parts for the F-35 Stealth fighter, 40-ton electrical generators for US Navy ships, radar systems, Aircraft Carrier Launch systems and Nuclear Submarine components.

Today the company is led by Gregory A. Kramer, Chief Technology Officer and his brother William J. Kramer III, the company’s President. Bill commented that, “We understand the importance of our mission and our customer’s mission; and we take pride in providing products that protect American warfighters every day around the world. Our clients demand the highest level of quality and accountability, and our skilled workforce delivers.” General Tool Company continues to grow through investment in the facility, equipment and employee development and is looking forward to achieving great things in partnership with its customers for many years to come.

To celebrate the anniversary, GTC has planned a variety of in-house events and speakers that highlight the company’s history and contributions.

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