General Tool Company Expands Capacities and Continues to Grow

November 29 2018, by Pete Borden

General Tool Company of Reading, OH continues to invest in people and technology as our customers’ needs expand. We’ve received new long term contracts for Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Radar and F-35 components and systems this year that require more skilled workers and new machine tools to meet stringent quality requirements for these programs. We’re proud that our workforce has grown by 20% in the last year.

We’ve also invested in new four new 5 axis machine tools from Parpas Group and Bost Machine. The Bost is our largest machine ever. It’s 3 meter chuck has a Y axis that expands the cutting diameter to 4 meters.  The vertical capacity is 2 meters. A head changer adds more capabilities with a full contouring head with a 50 HP rating which is ideal for machining high temperature alloy aerospace parts in one setup.

Greg Kramer, Chief Technology Officer, commented that “these machines are adding new
capabilities to our shop which very few factories in the United States can offer; but, more importantly, they provide our customers more solutions by performing more operations, more efficiently, on one machine.”

COVID-19 Update

General Tool Company has not been impacted by the Covid-19 virus outbreak and is operating normally at this time. We are continuing to take steps to protect our employees and visitors. On-site visits are restricted to essential business only. Note that all visitors must be pre-approved by GTC personnel and will be screened on arrival.