Our History

General Tool throughout the decades

  • It began with an idea...in 1947, after WW II, William J. Kramer Sr. was teaching metal trades and adult vocational training at St. Bernard High School, north of Cincinnati. Local companies, such as Procter & Gamble and G.E., were expanding rapidly and urged Mr. Kramer to start his own company and become a supplier. Kramer purchased land in the suburb of Reading and built his first 3000 sq. ft. building to house the 25 machine tools for this work and along with Harold Poe, his V.P., and 5 employees.

  • Bill Kramer accepts award from NTDMA. Mr. Kramer began the tradition of involvment and support for local and national manufacturing groups, which continues today.

  • Bill was an early advocate of new technology. Here's a Metalworking Digest article about our new Pratt& Whitney HMC NC (pre-CNC) machine.

  • 25th Anniversary Employee Group. Howard Kraus at left, Bill Kramer at right. GTC has always enjoyed great employee loyalty.

  • Another decade-another expansion. The new assembly bay which featured the William J. Kramer training and apprenticeship center.

  • First Power Generation Unit produced for the Navy

  • 50 years strong

  • 100th Gen Set ships for the Navy Destroyer Program.

  • Opening of new Fabrication facility (Total space now at 275,000 sq. ft.).

  • Partnership with General Dynamics for Destroyer Ammunition Systems.

  • Boeing Under wing platform program for C-17.

  • The Third Generation: (L. to R.) Brad Brezinski CFO; William Kramer III CEO, William J. Kramer Jr. Chairman, Greg Kramer CTO.

  • CVN 78 EMALS program commences. Older steam catapult system is upgraded with new electro-magnetic launch system.

  • 4 new large machine tools- 2 HBM's, a 5 axis VTL, and this high speed Parpas- will improve our performance in 2015