NDT Inspector

Job Description

Performs penetrant, magnetic particle, X-ray, ultrasonic or visual inspections as required and as personal certifications allow.


1st Shift


Measures dimensions using standard and precision measuring instruments.
Reads and analyzes blueprints or engineering specifications to obtain product information.
Inspects first run/first article parts, including fabrication fit-ups, weldments and assemblies.
Monitors inspection instrument calibrations and performs calibrations on NDT equipment as required.
Examine defective parts to determine cause of defect, recommend changes or modifications in the process.
Monitor welder certification and weld procedure qualification tests for adherence to the WPS.
Share responsibility with department manager that all signoffs of previous operations are performed.


Minimum of high school education or equivalent.
Level II NDT certifications in accordance with SNT-TC-1A and NAS410; AWS CWI certification a plus.
Previous experience working in a metal joining/welding facility.
Ability to read and analyze blueprints or engineering specifications.
Must be able to communicate clearly and cooperatively with others.
Minimum requirement eye exam—Jaeger 1 at 12” with corrective lenses and the Ishihara Color Blindness Test—exams are required annually.

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