Floor Inspector (Quality)

Job Description

Reads and analyzes blueprints or engineering specifications to obtain product information such as specified material, surface finish and dimensions.


1st Shift


Computes angles, radii, and other unspecified dimensions of work using algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
Measures dimensions using standard and precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, v-blocks, sine bars, calipers, dial indicators, angle plates, gages, protractors, and optical comparators.
Inspect first run parts, including fabrications and assemblies.
Check the quantity on travelers matches actual part quantity. Check parts to ensure no handling damage has occurred during in-process movement.
Write inspection and testing results reports.


Working knowledge of GD&T, algebra, trigonometry and geometry.
5 years related experience in manufacturing using various standard gages.
You'll need to pass an eye examination (Jaeger 1 at 12" with corrective lenses and the Ishihara Color Blindness Test).
An Associate Degree in Quality or Manufacturing is a plus, but not required.

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