Combining science and art, CAD CAM is the key to efficient manufacturing. Machines are most productive when supported by experienced programmers and the proper software. General Tool Company’s programmers work from various customer supplied CAD models to create the right tool paths for parts that need heavy roughing cuts for stock removal or very light finishing to minimize heat and distortion and hold tight dimensions and special finishes.

Part Program edits and offsets made on the floor are quickly changed in the master program via our DNC system that is resident on all machines. This eliminates errors from first to second shift and during tooling and part setups.

We use Siemens NX (Unigraphics) along with Solidworks, Surf Cam, PC Dmis, Origin Checkmate and Renishaw Productivity Plus. 5 Axis programming has been a core competency for over 30 years.


COVID-19 Update

General Tool Company has not been impacted by the Covid-19 virus outbreak and is operating normally at this time. We are continuing to take steps to protect our employees and visitors. On-site visits are restricted to essential business only. Note that all visitors must be pre-approved by GTC personnel and will be screened on arrival.