Painter / Coating Specialist

Job Description

Performs all painting operations and related finishing or assembly requirements according to customer specifications.


2st Shift


Prevents damage and imperfections to painted/finished surfaces including foreign object elimination.
Determines best application practices for all paints/coatings based upon customer specification requirements and product technical information data.
Disassembles unpainted parts and accessories as required and reassembles after painting.
Prepares and applies customer-specified coatings to achieve film thickness, gloss and appearance standards to meet all specifications.
Keeps paint kitchen, application equipment, paint booth and paint storage area organized, clean, secure and consistent with best 6S practices.
Duties are performed in a safe manner to ensure compliance with safety specifications and environmental requirements.


High school diploma or equivalent.
Acceptable visual acuity including color differentiation.
Demonstrated ability to read paint/coating formulas and mix paint/coatings accurately.
Thorough working knowledge of surface preparation techniques such as finishing, filler material, sealing, color mixing and masking.
Two years expertise as industrial or automotive painter with demonstrated skill in surface preparation, mixing and application of industrial coatings and finishes, setup and operation of HLVP, siphon feed, gravity feed and pressure feed spray equipment.
Demonstrated ability to read blueprints, specifications, and routers (job instructions).
Ability to wear respiratory equipment while painting and preparing surfaces.

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